March will herald the 6th year since President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act. Yet, significant data suggests that American health care still lacks coordination, is fragmented, expensive, has little accountability and is not focused on the patient. Whether or not providers and organizations have begun to move in the direction of
Population Based Health Care, the reality is, there are no options. The rapid approach of the new era of provider and organizational transparency and accountability requires prompt attention to demonstrate value and quality patient-centered care.

A recent national study investigated the current status of Population Based Health Care. The researchers found multiple definitions with a general understanding of the need to achieve lower costs and better health outcomes.1 Variations in the definition, however, do not negate the effective implementation of population health management and change the requirements needed for a national paradigm shift.1

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid and the Health Care Transformation Task Force – suggest that the push to demonstrate value and quality is expected to accelerate.2 Maintaining status quo and holding out for a “wait and see” approach will become exceedingly risky. Organizations that don’t act now are in serious danger of being left behind.1

Inevitably, population based health care is the future format for US healthcare system. Preparing, implementing and achieving success in population health management requires a completely new mindset.1 The conclusion from this study is straight forward and poignant the time to act is now.

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