President Donald Trump has declared a National Emergency on the Opioid Epidemic. Come on, America we need to lift the veil of silence and really drill down to the origin that perpetuates this national emergency. Prescribers and all health care professionals should undergo annual continuing education on safe and effective non-cancer pain management, based on the current science. Prescribers should implement the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 2016 guidelines for pain management into daily clinical practice. Health care professionals must work together and utilize alternatives to opioids and establish a commitment to a national strategy that supports a shift in the way “it’s always been done”. Last year the CDC announced medical mistakes as the 3rd leading cause of death, this includes opioid prescribing. We are all responsible for contributing to the underbelly of this epidemic unless we collaborate to make an important paradigm shift of effective and safe pain management practices that target the source of pain rather than using opioids as a band-aid producing more risk vs. benefit. We know how to effectively manage pain without opioids, so why aren’t we seeing a reduction in morbidity and mortality?